Blood testing for hidden food allergies

“When you consider the wide range of symptoms that food allergies can cause, it’s not hard to believe that every person you know could have a food allergy.”

– Robert Giller, MD author of Natural Prescriptions

Figure 1: Large, maldigested, allergic food particles bypass the immune barrier through wide gap junctions between cells of the small intestine. These particles enter general circulation.

Figure 2: Allergic food particles (A) cause B-cells to manufacture antibodies (B). The resulting complexes (C) are known to cause a wide range of symptoms, including nasal allergies and chronic sinusitis.


Blood sample & process $29 (20 min)
Lab Fee (96 common foods, payable to US Biotek) $159

After your blood sample is taken, processed, and received at the lab, results are back to our office in 10-14 business days. We’ll give you a call to schedule a Review of Findings.

Review of Findings (20 min)$65

Review test results and discuss the 90-day elimination phase.

Note: Though not all sinusitis is caused by hidden (IgG)  food allergies, a 90-day elimination of reactive foods will help to rule them out as a cause. Other general health issues like migraine headaches, digestive and skin problems, and fatigue can be caused by hidden food allergies.

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