Comparing the cost of sinus treatments: Drugs, Surgery, and REST

The cost of feeling “wired and tired”

  • While drug plans may cover the addicting, wiring, and tiring medications used to treat sinus trouble, co-payments are significant and vary widely. If buying allergy remedies over the counter at your neighborhood pharmacy, cost can be as much as co-pays for prescription drugs.
  • The cost for a series of detoxifying Sinus Ninja treatments is far less than the lifetime cost of sinus and allergy medications, and often reduces the need for them. Nova Sinus Center has a faithful legion of clients who’ve discovered that monthly maintenance ($65 each treatment when purchased as a REST-6) is preferable to the addicting, wiring, and tiring medications commonly available or prescribed.

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Something else to wonder about …

  • While the cost of natural pharmacy items that you purchase at Nova Sinus Center may be equal to the monthly payout in co-pays or over the counter symptom relief, natural pharmacy has been shown to enhance positive health outcomes across all body systems. To be sure, the health dollar savings goes beyond the nose and sinuses and has the potential to save money on total health care costs.

Other little “curiosities” about sinus and allergy drugs

  • Conventional drug therapies are over-stimulating (Sudafed®), or sedating (Benadryl®). Note that Benadryl® is diphenhydramine, the same drug as Nytol®, a sleep aid.
  • Nasacort® and Nasonex® contain benzalkonium chloride which may be immunosuppressive. Not what you’re looking for when your immune system is already exhausted and worn-out.
  • Pharmaceutic antihistamines are helpful in “drying up” allergies, but their contribution is hampered by the fact that thick, dry secretions are more likely to become colonized by bacteria, which leads to even more inflammation.
  • Antihistamines have been reported to crust and obstruct the ostiomeatal complex – the most important outflow zone for the paranasal sinuses.
  • According to the insert for Astelin®, paroxysmal sneezing and rhinitis (itchy nose) were listed as side effects. (It’s not uncommon for drugs to cause the symptoms they claim to relieve).
  • Nasal steroid sprays reduce the inflammation caused by allergic complexes. It is widely known that nasal inflammation can be worsened by IgG complexes related to allergenic foods.

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So, why medicate when you can eliminate?

Perhaps most importantly, sinus and allergy drugs do absolutely nothing to address biofilm adhesion. What’s more, pharmaceutic antihistamines, with their hyper-drying effects, actually cause a more drastic form of biofilm “stickiness.” Not what you’re looking for when desiring lasting nasal and sinus health.

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The bottom line on sinus surgery

For uncomplicated chronic sinusitis, surgery is typically used when alternatives and drug treatments have failed. While out-of-pocket expenses vary widely across insurance plans, co-pays for any surgery can be significant. The average sinus surgery client will tell us they’ve paid a few thousand in co-pays (which includes visits for follow up care).

In the spring of 2010, CNN reported that an uninsured man was quoted $33,127 for nasal polyp removal. Surgery is often indicated for nasal polyps and we advise that folks return for maintenance REST treatments following removal and biopsy. REST can prevent polyp return by reducing the inflammation that caused mucosal overgrowth to begin with. Not surprisingly, when the original cause is ignored, polyps will often return.

Using this as a general idea of how much nasal surgeries cost, REST and allergy testing represents a significant savings, even with lifetime maintenance.

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