Biofilms: A “sticky” situation for your nose.

A special report published in our Winter 2008-09 Nautilus newsletter

We’ve all experienced it. You get a new shirt, blouse, or pair of pants home only to find an unsightly inspection label stuck on it. You peel it off, in all its “inspected by #18” glory and notice it takes hundreds of tiny micro-fibers of your new favorite statement of couture along with it.

Now, just imagine how difficult (if not impossible) it would be to clean the fibers off of that label. This is exactly how symptom-causing microbes embed themselves within the mucus layer of the membranes of your nose and sinuses. The cell with the black speckles in the inset picture represents a “biofilm cell.” Biofilms are “sticky” cell colonies that bond to the mucus layer inside your nose and sinuses. Biofilm cells are protected from immune system attack (yellow antibodies) and are highly resistant to antibiotics (green x’s). What’s more, as phagocytes futilely secrete cell-eating enzymes (red granules), they damage the surrounding healthy tissue. This leads to further inflammation and irritation in your nose and sinuses. It’s a “sticky” situation that leads to chronic sinus trouble, and a worsening of allergies, colds, and flu’s.

Winter: ‘Tis the Season for colds & flu’s

Most of us have heard that the majority of colds and flu’s are caused by viruses. We’ve also heard that antibiotics are not effective against these pesky germs. When a cold or flu hits, we just want it to “go away” as soon as possible. Biofilms are a major cause of cold & flu “super-infection” which can add weeks to an illness. This winter, you can shorten the length of your cold or flu by defeating both viruses and super-infectious biofilms.

The REST: Gently “peel away” Biofilms

The REST, or Respiratory Suite Treatment, combines the gentle power of nebulization (fine mist inhalation) with all-natural antimicrobial swab placement to defeat biofilm adhesion (stickiness). The aroma is deeply calming and refreshing, as the nasal and sinus passages are allowed to drain. Unlike washes and neti pots which can push allergens, pathogens, molds, and pollens deeper into the spirals of the nasal passages, the REST reduces biofilm adhesion and allows for a deeper and more complete drainage than is possible with nasal washes.

I’d like to schedule a Sinus Ninja treatment.

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