Dr. Frank Aversano has personal experience with sinus problems

Dr Frank Aversano NDFrank Aversano, ND

Founder and Clinical Director, Nova Sinus Center, LLC
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Dr. Frank Aversano developed an interest in Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for the nose and sinuses after reversing his own chronic sinusitis. He refined the Respiratory Suite Treatment (REST™) over the past several years and is using it with great success to treat sinus problems in folks of all ages.

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“When I get an attack of seasonal allergies, it almost always seems to turn into a sinus infection. Well, not this time! After just one REST with Dr. Frank I feel like a new person. My sinuses are clear and refreshed without medications.” – DH, New York, NY
“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful “chairside” manner. Your calmness, gentleness and reassurance make the treatments not only tolerable, but, oddly, somehow relaxing.” – DH, Seattle, WA

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