An Ancient Weapon for Sinusitis

At Nova Sinus Center, we say choices are good. The fact is, most sinus problems are troublesome, not life threatening. Unless your situation is medically urgent, you’ve got time to check out alternatives. When choosing first-line relief for nasal congestion, sinus headache, allergy symptoms, and sinus pressure, we invite you to try a safe, effective, all-natural treatment. We like to call it “an ancient weapon for sinusitis.” In this article, we’ll take a “ninja” approach to both acute and chronic sinus problems, compare cost and rates of efficacy with drug and surgical options, and explore real-life success stories.  I’d like to schedule a treatment.

Why the metaphor of the ninja?

The ninja were covert agents or mercenaries of feudal Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war.

In contrast to the samurai, who had strict rules about honor and combat, the ninja used secret, often mysterious ways of defeating an enemy. In this way, the ninja were like the earliest American militias who used unorthodox fighting methods against the British redcoats. According to a referenced Wikipedia article, “Espionage was the chief role of the ninja. With the aid of disguises, the ninja gathered information on enemy terrain, building specifications, as well as obtaining passwords and communiques.” So how are the physicians of Nova Sinus Center like the ninja of feudal Japan?

We define ourselves by the way we fight and the weapons we use. In contrast to the strict rules and regimented standards of drugs and surgery, ND’s (naturopathic doctors) have a different view of disease and what causes it. With the exception of genetic illness and trauma, we see that the body corrects itself when given the right conditions. The sinuses are no exception. Naming our site is a “sticky” or memorable way for people to get to know what we do.

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Why an “ancient weapon?”

The “weapon” we use is a bit unorthodox.

That is, it is standard of care for our medical specialty (ND). You won’t find it at your MD’s office. The treatment that we’ve adapted is very old. And, variations of it are taught at the accredited naturopathic colleges in the US and Canada – including Bastyr University, “The Harvard of natural medicine.” The treatment, guided by our philosophy, makes our approach to treating sinus problems unique. While it may seem “secret” and “mysterious,” it makes a lot of sense to many who have tried and failed using regimented drug and surgical approaches.

Despite our apparent lack of orthodoxy, our treatment goals in treating uncomplicated sinusitis are exactly the same as any physician in family practice: One, reduce the number and virulence of pathogens in the nose and sinuses. And two, reduce nose and sinus inflammation. Lifestyle changes extend the reduction of inflammation to all body systems making our approach truly holistic.

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Our “ninja” approach takes a therapeutic leap beyond reduction of pathogens and inflammation. And, this is what makes it different.

REST, or Respiratory Suite Treatment, removes irritating dust, pollution, pollens, trees, and grasses providing instant, all-natural relief. What’s more, the REST promotes drainage of painful, plugged-up sinuses. How? By assisting the respiratory system’s own “sweeping” mechanism.

Specialists who treat the nose and sinuses (otolaryngologists, or “ENT’s”) often talk about the inefficiency of the natural sweeping action of the cilia inside the upper airway passages. Cilia are tiny hairlike projections on the cells lining the inside of the nose and sinuses that “beat” back and forth moving mucus and irritants out. When these malfunction – and they often do – mucus and irritants get trapped causing chronic sinus trouble. Many ENT’s advise using saline rinses. Many ND’s advise the use of a neti pot which is designed to flood the nasal passageways with salt water. Both of these methods tend to push irritants further into the tiny recesses of the nose and sinuses and do little to enhance the sweeping mechanism. The REST restores the function of the cilia allowing the nose and sinuses to use their natural mechanism to restore upper respiratory health.

What else makes the REST a “ninja” approach? It addresses the real cause of most sinus problems: Biofilms. Biofilms are sticky cell colonies that bond to the mucus layer inside the nose and sinuses. You have biofilms on your teeth right now. Flossing and brushing is critical to removing them to prevent tooth decay. It’s a well known medical fact that biofilm cells in the nose and sinuses protect themselves from immune system attack and are highly resistant to antibiotics. It’s a “sticky” situation that leads to chronic sinus trouble, and a worsening of nasal allergies. Like brushing and flossing, the REST treatment defeats biofilms by reducing adhesion. This allows the nose and sinuses to experience the right conditions for the body’s own immunity to stop progression of the disease process.

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What exactly are we fighting?

The standards of drugs and surgery hold tight to one critical assumption: The body is making a mistake.

Drug therapies and surgeries use remedial weapons aimed at the body. ND’s, in contrast, align themselves with the body’s strategy of self-healing and use the weapons of medicine accordingly. The ND’s of Nova Sinus Center command an armory of sinus and allergy medications, just like your family MD. Similarly, the unorthodox ninja used the katana, the standard sword of the samurai. However, the ninja also developed ways to blend into the natural environment and became skilled and successful in ways the samurai could not. To learn more, click below.

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Click here to learn more about the Respiratory Suite Treatment (REST) – An ancient weapon for sinusitis.

Click here to compare cost and rates of efficacy with drug and surgical options

Click here to view real-life success stories

Like many interventions in medicine, the alternative treatment referenced on this site is an empirical one. That is, we “try it” to see if it works. No promise of result is implied or intended.

This site is not intended to provide medical advice or to be a substitute for proper diagnosis and treatment by a qualified health care provider. If you have concerns about your condition, seek medical help right away.

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