The Lancet: “Antibiotics are not justified.”

A special report published in our Spring 2008 Nautilus newsletter

This spring, a top British medical journal confirmed observations by physicians and patients worldwide that antibiotics are simply not effective for sinus problems. The March 15 2008 issue of The Lancet published the research of Dr. Jim Young of the Basel Institute for Clinical Epidemiology which summarized the outcomes of 2,547 patients in nine clinical trials. Amazingly, Dr. Young and his Swiss colleagues discovered that 15 patients with sinusitis-like complaints would have to be given antibiotics before an additional patient was cured.

In an interview with Web-MD, Dr. Young put it this way, “We found that overall, you would need to treat 15 patients … for one patient to benefit.” If Dr. Young is correct, 15 out of 16, or 94%, will not get well with standard treatment. The study was so newsworthy that both CNN and the BBC aired segments breaking the story worldwide. In their report, the BBC quotes study co-author Dr. Ian Williamson who said, “Antibiotics really don’t look as if they work.”

Sanford Guide 2007: “Antibiotics usually not effective.”

Dr. Jim Young and his colleagues at the Basel Institute aren’t saying anything that doctors haven’t known for years. In fact, the “bible” for antimicrobial therapy, The Sanford Guide 37ed published in late 2006 states for chronic sinusitis, “antibiotics usually not effective.” To put this in perspective, imagine a hammer with a stamp that reads, “Not effective for nails.” Would you buy that hammer? Unfortunately, millions of us with sinus trouble do.

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